What We Do

At Source Junction, we’re not a recruitment agency. We don’t have recruiters, and we don’t recruit roles.

What we are, is a managed service provider within the recruitment industry, managing our clients’ use of, and engagement with, the recruitment industry. We understand that with quality talent proving harder and harder to attract and secure, it is vital that companies achieve the highest ROI possible from their use of the recruitment industry.

If the engagement with recruitment agencies isn’t managed effectively, the end result can be poor quality recruitment outcomes, that save the client no time, and are not cost-effective. And it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Source Junction helps you navigate your way through the complex process of external recruitment, making the use of the recruitment industry simpler, more efficient and more cost-effective.

At Source Junction, we help you navigate your way through the complex world of agency recruitment. Partnering with over 100 specialist recruitment agency partners Australia-wide, as a member of the NPAworldwide Recruitment Network, we ensure that every one of your roles is worked by an agency, that is a genuine industry specialist, while providing you with a single point of contact, making the best use of your time. This allows our clients to secure higher quality talent, quicker, whilst taking up less of their time.

Why Source Junction?

  • All NPAworldwide agencies we partner with have been screened to exacting standards of ethics, professionalism and industry specialisation.
  • We don’t charge our agency partners to be a part of Source Junction, so we are not obliged to give a role to any partner other than the very best agency to work it.

We manage our clients’ recruitment requirements across the following areas

Administration / Office Support


Banking and Financial Services

Customer Service

Engineering and Construction



Healthcare & Medical

Information Technology



Human Resources

Supply Chain & Logistics