How do you currently use Recruiters?

Chances are, if you regularly work with recruitment agencies, you enagage with them one of three ways:

1. You pay one niche specialist to recruit all your agency roles:

  • This may actually be delivering less value, as you may be paying specialist agency rates for someone to often work outside their area of expertise.
  • You may be less likely to get a successful outcome, as a lot of your roles are being worked by someone who is not a specialist in that business function.

2. You use large national / multinational firms with different ‘divisions’

  • Your roles may STILL not be being worked on by a specialist. Your point of contact may want / need to fill these roles to make commission / hit KPIs, so may very well be working on all the roles themselves, regardless of their industry expertise. When roles ARE distributed to specialist divisions, it is often common practice to have junior ‘resourcers’, that may be brand new to the industry, sourcing candidates whilst you pay top rates.

3. You deal with a number of individual specialist agencies:

  • Using specialist agencies will in most cases guarantee you higher quality talent, but this can be a very inefficient way to use agencies, as you have to deal with a number of different people across all the roles being filled. In a transient industry like recruitment, this can also mean continually educating new recruiters on your company culture and goals.
  • This may not drive the best ROI possible, as you are not leveraging their total agency spend, with it being spread across many different agencies.

Compare this to having your agency use managed by Source Junction


We ensure that every role is worked not just by a specialist recruiter, but an industry-specialist recruitment agency.


Every agency we work with has been screened to meet our high standards of ethics, professionalism and industry specialisation.


Your dedicated account manager allows you to maintain a single point of contact, meaning you make the best use of your time.


Your rates are negotiated based on your TOTAL agency spend.

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