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The Great Resignation. Talent Shortage. The “War for Talent”

It can all be a bit much right?


Regardless of who you’re looking for, sourcing quality talent has likely never been harder. The hiring landscape is changing so quickly, it can be hard to keep up. Where do you go to source quality talent locally, nationally, internationally?

Right here, Source Junction.

Source Junction helps you navigate your way through the complex world of recruitment, giving you access to the best talent, from the best agencies.

·         From taking job briefs to organising interviews, you will have a single point of contact who works with you every step of the way, on every job.

·         Every one of your jobs will be worked on/filled by specialist agencies of the in their respective fields

·         Your total agency usage is streamlined to ensure your external recruitment function delivers the best ROI possible

·         All NPAworldwide agencies we work with have been screened to exacting standards of ethics, professionalism and industry specialisation.



Source Junction makes your use of recruitment agencies simpler, more efficient and more cost-effective.

It just makes sense.

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Speaking with a potential new client recently, I was asked why it was “so expensive to just have an email sent with a resume attached”. This was a great opportunity for me to roll out my ever-favourite ‘Diamonds’ analogy.   Diamonds are a scarce resource; they are found by exploration companies who buy vast pieces

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